With Trauma Recovery we assist communities, families and individuals, experiencing trauma with recovery processes. These recovery processes include individual, group, and multidisciplinary support and counselling. During a seven-week, Recovery Dynamic workshop, our trained facilitators support participants on a journey of recovery.

We focus on the following areas of support:

  1. Recovery after a broken relationship or divorce.
  2. Recovery after the death of a loved one
  3. Recovery after a traumatic experience.
  4. Recovery for children after a broken relationship or divorce of their parents, death of a loved one or traumatic experiences.


We live in a traumatised society in need of healing. To heal our communities, we need to develop caring environments and centres of healing to bring hope and healing in a wide variety of situations. A network of multidisciplinary support between all the stakeholders in the community is important to ensure a holistic approach to healing. In this regard we are involved in partnering and networking with several other ministries such as the Centre for Faith and the Institute for Healing of Memories.


With the Prepare/Enrich premarital and marital counselling process we are involved in marriage preparation, – enrichment and counselling.

Because of the brokenness in our society single parent and stepparent families are not the exception but on the increase. These special families with their unique challenges need support. In cooperation with other stakeholders in the community we are developing networks of support to these families.

Military veterans and their families

The Border War / Armed Struggle remains a contentious and divisive issue. Its effects are also still felt by many South African men, who question what they fought for, or still suffer from war-related trauma. In partnership with the Institute for Healing of Memories, the South African Defence Force Association and 61 Mech Veteran Association, we are creating safe spaces for all post-apartheid military veterans to experience healing and reconciliation.

We give guidelines to communities and veteran organisations on how to make use of available resources to support military veterans and their families.

Personal Growth

Personal growth is a choice. Especially after trauma people are experiencing new challenges and need to re-examine their perspective on life and grow as a person. We support them to discover themselves and the new possibilities in a new season of their life with the following workshops:

Shape-Up: With this workshop, we challenge them to look at their own view of life in light of God’s Word and to ensure personal growth by implementing their own self-management plan of self-acceptance, – change and – actualisation.

Prepare to Decide: With this workshop, we support Singles to discovering real Singleness and prepare themselves for dating again and the choice of a life partner.