About us

Agents of Hope

Roelf and Elize Schoeman founded Elèhos Ministry in 2004 to coordinate their support to churches to develop emotional and trauma support systems. Elèhos is a Greek word (έλεος), that means mercy and kindness, as shown in the parable of the Good Samaritan.

With this core focus in mind, Roelf and Elize have since dedicated their time and energy to ensure churches and other institutions have the necessary resources to provide emotional and trauma support to those in need.

In our broken and traumatised society there are many “Good Samaritans” who want “to show mercy” and support their “neighbours” but do not know how and do not have the support to do so.

Elèhos Ministry believes a network of multidisciplinary support between all the stakeholders in the community is important to ensure a holistic approach to healing.

We are agents of hope who want to serve our communities with a Kingdom of God attitude.

Our partners and networks of support are the following: